Your problems, our passion.

Besides software development, consulting is the second big area of sigma star. With most of our customers, consulting and software development often go side by side.

Our consulting services range from security audits through developing Linux drivers up to enterprise architecture management.


Developing secure applications is hard. Recently, various small and large companies made it into news because of security bugs and data leaks in their software systems. Thus, more and more end users demand secure and privacy preserving software systems. With our expertise in IT security and secure software development we can help meeting this demand.

Our senior software engineer David Gstir has specialized in IT security at the Graz University of Technology and worked on several security areas including cryptography problems like analyzing attacks on AES.


As part of our consulting and project management services, we also offer training in multiple areas of IT. With courses in Version Control using git, the inner workings of the Linux kernel or many other topics, we are able to train your employees with the necessary skills for your next big thing. Get in contact with us to find out more!