Software Engineering

Professional bug hunters since 2011.
Software Engineering

Developing software is one of our main business areas. This includes developing software from scratch or adapting existing software. Especially interfaces and integration of existing solutions is one of our specialties.

Our team is well versed in all relevant programming languages. Be it classical languages or new and upcoming languages as e.g. Google Go or node.js, we use the “right” programming language for the task and platform at hand. Our experience covers almost all major areas from development on embedded systems (e.g. drivers), mobile application development, up to fully fledged web apps with integration.

Open Source

We believe in open source software and have a strong connection to the OSS community. Thanks to open source software, money and time can be saved if existing solutions are adapted to the customer needs. Especially Linux is an area where all our team members have strong knowledge.

Furthermore, we believe in giving back to the community by participating in upstream development. Our co-founder and chief technology officer Richard Weinberger, is a well known Linux-kernel contributor and maintainer.