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Kubernetes Security Training

Kubernetes has become a cornerstone in the landscape of container technology, increasingly integrated into numerous IT departments. However, the feature-rich nature of Kubernetes also introduces complexity, which can potentially lead to security vulnerabilities. Our training session is designed to address these challenges through practical, hands-on examples. Attendees will gain insights into various security aspects of Kubernetes, learn to identify common pitfalls, and discover best practices to enhance their system’s security. Join us to empower your Kubernetes deployment with robust security measures.


  • Kubernetes basics
  • Securing kubernetes components
  • Pod security
  • Network security
  • Kubernetes operation best practices
  • Hands-on: security misconfigurations

Optional 2nd Day Agenda

  • Threat Modeling in Kubernetes
  • In-Depth Kubernetes Security
  • Advanced Security Features
  • Container Internals
  • Hands-on: Advanced Container Security


Are your trainings also available in German?

Ja, wir sprechen auch Deutsch.

Do I need a specific training platform to take part in a training?

No, you don't need to worry about anything. Sigma star gmbh provides the training platform, and you will receive access to it.

Do I get the training material afterwards?

Sure! All presented material will be available to attendees after the session.

Do you also offer in-house trainings?

Yes, we provide in-house workshops for our custom trainings. They are available upon request: Contact us to book your in-house session.

How big is the group per training?

The training is limited to 10 persons. Larger trainings are available upon request.

What timezone will the training be conducted in?

Our base timezone is CET; however, we can arrange customized training slots to align with your specific time zone upon request.

The answer you were looking for is not in the list?
Feel free to write us anytime an E-Mail: trainings@sigma-star.at.
We’ll be happy to assist you.








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