The 3 founders of sigma star are building a lego city with happy faces.

Back in 2011, we were three IT students with many ideas and a shared passion: Linux, open source software and cryptography. Today, the three of us still form the core team. And we still have the same passion but a lot more experience. Along the way, we have fixed many bugs and become experts in IT security. However, curiosity never stops! We are constantly developing our skills - and eager for new challenges. Get to know us.

"As the security expert of the team, I'm in hot pursuit of protecting our customers' systems. To do so, I combine my IT security and cryptography know-how with my Linux and software engineering experience. I'm also not afraid to build large code bases from scratch, for Linux- and non-Linux systems. "

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David Gstir

"I'm the tour guide for any system-level related quest. Thanks to my experience, I have a keen eye for security-oriented software and compiler bugs. When I'm not debugging, I'm involved in the Linux kernel development and maintaining several Linux subsystems. "

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Richard Weinberger

"With 20+ years of experience in software development and architecture, I do a lot of the programming part at sigma star. Besides, I bring our customers' ideas to paper and keep a close watch on the daily organizational matters. As the founder of various companies and consultant for several startups, that comes easy to me. "

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Thomas Dierl

Where we belong

We want to make technology better for everyone. That’s why we are proud to be part of the open source community and contribute to it. We have given numerous talks on various Linux Kernel topics, Filesystems and Secure coding. It would be our pleasure to see you there!

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