Kernel Internals for Linux Admins

Understanding kernel internals is valuable not only for those interested in developing kernel-related software but also for system administrators. This training program aims to equip Linux admins with the knowledge to analyze the runtime behavior of Linux in various scenarios.

Even experienced Linux admins can benefit from learning how to attach probes to specific areas and gather system statistics efficiently without relying on excessive tooling.


  • Overview of major subsystems in Linux and how they interact with each other.
  • Deep dive into storage, network, CPU scheduling, security and container subsystems.
  • Key kernel functions where attaching probes is fruitful when debugging issues.
  • Differences between kernel versions of major Linux distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, RHEL, SLES).
  • Deep dive into /proc, /sys and debugfs interfaces to understand how common tools work on Linux.
  • Introduction to kernel tracing using perf, ftrace, bpftrace and other tools.


Are your trainings also available in German?

Ja, wir sprechen auch Deutsch.

Do I need a specific training platform to take part in a training?

No, you don't need to worry about anything. Sigma star gmbh provides the training platform, and you will receive access to it.

Do I get the training material afterwards?

Sure! All presented material will be available to attendees after the session.

Do you also offer in-house trainings?

Yes, we provide in-house workshops for our custom trainings. They are available upon request: Contact us to book your in-house session.

How big is the group per training?

The training is limited to 10 persons. Larger trainings are available upon request.

What timezone will the training be conducted in?

Our base timezone is CET; however, we can arrange customized training slots to align with your specific time zone upon request.

The answer you were looking for is not in the list?
Feel free to write us anytime an E-Mail: trainings@sigma-star.at.
We’ll be happy to assist you.


Linux System Admins






1 Day


EUR 999,– per attendee




On Demand

This training is also available upon request.

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